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  • Mobile Applications


    Don't trust web developers who work in their living room. Remember, cheap is expensive in the long run. Entrust your business ideas to Certified web ninjas with the proper infrastructure to bring the pain. Stable, reputable, and with technology to make this simple. ... so, have a coke, don a smile and give us a call.

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    Mobile Application Development : iPhone, Android, iPad ... we bring the pain.

  • Open Source Web Development


    Open Source Web development to the unnamed coder is like the small details to an epicurean idealist. This is the spirit of the community building technology as a body of unnamed, and unknowable contributors. They each stand on the shoulders of the antecedents and give a proverbial +1 to technology as we know it. This happens one at a time.

    Open Source Matters
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    Open Source Web Development Masters of the technology underground

  • Web Design Packages


    Website in about a week

    Our website packages carry $15K-$20K in value for about $200/month. Professional website development .. fast. For $200 it's a no brainer.

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    Web Design by Operative #4

  • Custom Web Development


    RedBonzai Web Design

    RedBonzai Developers, INC a Houston Web Development company with offices in Houston, Austin and Las Vegas, NV.

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    Web Development for small and midsize businesses. Plugins, themes, emails, and more.

  • Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )


    You earn your right to exist by solving this problem correctly. You earn your keep day by day by succeeding in the present. Be very careful. There are thousands of "SEO Experts" out there. By the time you are talking to us you are ready to tell us your experiences with these "experts". Click on the button below to find out more.

    SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )
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    If someone can't find you in the search engines, you don't exist. We don't care who says otherwise.

  • Operatives


    Xtian Dominguez(1/4)

    Christian, Web Developer Selling the Dream | Mastermind | Code Ninja | Computer Exploder | IE Antagonist

    Xtian thought that his full name was @&*%$$&@!!!! until he was ten years old. Whereupon, on his tenth birthday his mother revealed to him in...

    The Operatives
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    A covert group of elite web vigilantes renegade from Corporate America.

  • Client Testimonials


    Carol Archer, Ed. D - Culture Bump(1/4)


    RedBonzai is a breath of fresh air in a wasteland of web promises. More than merely doing what is asked of them to do, they...

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    Ninja Certified, Business Approved, Customer Verified.

  • RedBonzai Project Portfolio

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    RedBonzai: Web Operatives fixing Al Internet.

Houston Web Development, Web Design & SEO Marketing

Houston WebDevelopment

PHP Whispering, HTML5 conjuring, jQuery harassing, bad website crushing ninjas from the cyber underground. We are a Houston web development agency with clients internationally, and innovators of a new digital world viewable through your web browser by the power of PHP, HTML5, and JavaScript.

Houston WebDesign

Many claim web designer status, and some may deserve that title. But in all cases their work must precede them. We
believe that we deserve this title because we have bled, agonized and sweat for our accomplishments. We are a Houston web design team unshackled by the corporate world, and free to cause havoc on unsuspecting websites.

Houston SEOMarketing

Tell your website developer that you want a completely custom website with a control panel to manage your content,
menus, and media, and that you want to be at the top of Google. Then say that it must not be over a couple of hundred bucks. So after he/she says no, you can come to the most proficient Houston web development, web design, and SEO marketing company around.

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  • 5 languages
  • 20 hours

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